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Say goodbye to your plastic pouf! This natural organic fiber hemp soap pouch is a great way to extend the life of your natural soap, use less and the natural fiber adds a bit of exfoliation and helps you get the most out of your natural soap bar.


These beauties are created by The Twisted Desert Comp in Idaho. JaNiece creates each of these soap pouches by hand. See more of her amazing creations on Etsy!


Directions for use: Place soap into the soap pouch. Gently rub the soap and pouch under the water. It will start to suds and then gently rub on to your skin. Allow pouch to dry in between uses.


If you want to clean your pouch, remove your soap bar and rinse in the sink. Then place into your washing machine and wash in cold water with gentle laundry soap.

Natural Organic Hemp Soap Pouch

  • One soap pouch with drawstring

    3.5"X 4"

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