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All Natural Bath Products

Say Goodbye to Dull, Dry Skin With All Natural

Bath Products

On a day to day basis our skin takes a beating. Not only is our skin exposed to toxins and chemicals day in and day out, but our skin starts the day off on the wrong foot being bathed with chemical and synthetic soaps. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and it makes sense for us to take care of the skin to the best of our ability. Lady at the Well is happy to offer natural bath products to help soothe and nourish the skin. All too often, the skin is ignored and left dry, dull, and irritated. Using all natural bath products is an excellent way to help give your skin a break, and allow it to replenish the much needed moisture and nutrients found within the skin.

One of our most intensive moisturizing options is the Buttery Lotion Bar. These long lasting bars are packed full of moisturizing nutrients that are geared towards helping your skin look and feel its best! The solid lotion is applied directly to the skin and contains herbal infused natural oils and butters. The heat from your skin will help glide that bar over your skin and the warmth from you hands will help to rub in the lotion.


Pamper yourself and see the beauty of your skin shine through naturally.

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