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Just one hundred years ago, all soaps were unique and handmade. They were made with high quality products and produced by hand. While these all natural bath soaps were superior, the process was lengthy and time intensive. Eventually, soap producers realized that many of the ingredients in soaps could be sold to industries that paid a higher price for the ingredients. Unique handmade soaps went by the wayside as large scale production companies replaced natural materials with man made, synthetic ingredients. While soap was able to be produced at a faster and cheaper rate, the resulting product was inferior, and in some cases harmful to the skin.

Compared to natural handmade soap makers, commercially produced soap in grocery stores and markets contains synthetic materials that can be harmful to the skin and body. Not only is mass produced soap incredibly drying, but the chemicals used in commercially produced soap can be absorbed into the body. To combat the abundance of sub quality soap on the market, natural soap makers began to emerge again, bringing the passion and care that goes into making handmade soap back into the industry. Natural soap makers retain the same high quality production process from the past, while bringing all natural ingredients and oils into each and every bar of soap produced.

Lady at the Well is proud to be part of this soap tradition and invites you to try my unique handmade soaps. You will see an immediate difference when compared to commercially produced soap. You will notice the lotion-like quality and feel of the natural soap. The scent and quality of the soap is unparalleled in each and every unique bar of soap I produced. The biggest difference you'll notice though is in the way your skin feels. My unique handmade soaps will leave your skin feeling soft, refreshed, and hydrated. To make it easy, the handmade soap buy online option allows you to pick and choose exactly the right products for your needs. Lady at the Well has and will continue to make high quality, artisan natural soap rooted in tradition and nature.

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