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Handmade Body Products

Buy Luxury Handcrafted Soap Online

At Lady at the Well, I am proud to offer luxury handcrafted soap online. So what makes this soap different than store bought, commercially made soap? The ingredients and I take the time and energy necessary to create all natural bath and body products that are geared toward not only cleaning, but also helping the skin to restore its natural beauty. My handmade body products take their ingredients straight from nature. I use natural herbs, oils, and butters to create top of the line, high quality skin and hair care products for you and your family. Each of my products are infused with herbs, to not only help to replenish the skin, but to help the skin look its best.

I have a range of products available online for purchase including soaps, salt bars, solid shampoo and conditioner bars, laundry soap, and solid dish soap.  Not only will your skin and hair look great, but you will be able to feel a noticeable difference. Your skin and hair  will be silky, soft, and healthy; free of harmful chemicals and synthetic products found in commercial soaps, lotion, shampoos, conditioners,  and detergents. Thank you for supporting small businesses, like Lady at the Well! Your support helps make dreams come true.

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